We provide products that support regulating dermatological functions, to put into use in dermatology and aesthetic surgery clinics, exclusive pharmacies and a limited number of exclusive beauty salons.


Our Mission as Cognita;

  • To serve the needs and demands of customer with as much benefit as possible.
  • To position global brands on Turkey market network which aim to become the best on their branch; in course of demands and need of the particular industry.
  • To provide brand and marketing management consultancy services, to every company from all industries; no matter wherever they are originated from.
  • To constitute their branding processes and aim for correct market positioning, and ensures the brand/product and the target market meet in optimal point.
  • We believe that personal improvement courses are inseperable parts of this process, so that we provide this course for every person who took role during this process, regarding their specific needs.
  • In today’s world where speed and evolving turns out to be inevitable; we make sure that gaining our customers advantage in competence and assisting for brand loyalty, as well as helping to form a company where employees work with high loyalty and motivation.