After graduating from Gaziantep Anatolian High School, she got her Bachelor’s
Degree from Istanbul University Economics Faculty Econometrics Department,
followed by ESL in MIIS-Middlebury Institute of International Studies in US.
Then, she enlisted in Istanbul University Institute of Social Sciences
Tourism Master’s programme.

During her college time, she started her career by working part-time in family-owned companies. After college, Mrs. Fesli worked in tourism investment company, holiday village management, respectively; then runned the Istanbul branch manager duty of a corporate decoration and architecture company which also worked on importing sector. At the start of 2000s she foresighted that informatics would be in the forefront and decided to step in this industry, started to work in a big holding company.

After earning experience in informatics sector for a total period of 7 years she moved on on health/cosmetics industry. She worked as General Manager for 12 years in Obagi, an American company; which she first served consultancy. Following that, she founded Cognita Medical Marketing&Consultancy, which runs factorship for Obagi and other exclusive brands in Turkey market.

Mrs. Fesli is still continuing her consultancy and marketing services in medical industry, while she keeps on on her duty in a university as an academician since 2003 as well, giving lectures on Marketing Management, International Marketing, Sales Management, Consumer Behaviour, CRM( Consumer Relationship Management) and Marketing Methods in Health and Service Industries.

Dictionary meaning of Cognita is “learned by experience/experiencing”, and my beloved daughter Ada Atasoy is the person who had come up with this name. Each and every field I ever assisted includes information required by experiencing, so our brand’s name is of much importance for us. I put my effort on designing the areas of expertise due to the needs of industries, which are really difficult for persons and companies, costing too much and taking much time; and serve them as “packs”, so to say. My life mission can be interpreted better as “interact with as much people as I can reach and impress them with useful works”. In this context, it is truthfully thrilling for me to interact with the young people which I teach in university, and to learn from them as well.

Besides my career, I really enjoy spending time with my family and people I love, singing, travelling, coming up with social responsibility projects and assisting, and continuously seeking and learning new stuff about life. People that know me closer like to call me “Hall Monitor”. And I never get tired of learning new stuff and sharing them.

One of the questions that I steadily face with is that how can I ever do so much things in a short period of time. Should be because I love what I do, none of my service burdens me spiritually; on the contrary, it helps keeping myself energetic and motivated all the time.

As I mentioned academy, I would like to briefly talk about the classes I give; Marketing Management, International Marketing, Sales Management, Consumer Behaviour, CRM( Consumer Relationship Management), Marketing Methods in Health and Service Industries. This classes are generally in English. As I said, I am a “hall monitor”; the certification I got include NLP, Life Coaching, EFT/Emotional Freedom Technique Specialty, Correct and Efficient Speech and Presentation Techniques… Meanwhile I have to mention about my National Ministry of Education approved Certificate Of Aesthetician. And I should mention the music school that I am involved in for the last 2 years, too; in which I take part in a great chorus, singing songs from every language.

Our Mission as Cognita;

  • To serve the needs and demands of customer with as much benefit as possible
  • To position global brands on Turkey market network which aim to become the best on their branch; in course of demands and need of the particular industry.
  • To provide brand and marketing management consultancy services, to every company from all industries; no matter wherever they are originated from.
  • To constitute their branding processes and aim for correct market positioning, and ensures the brand/product and the target market meet in optimal point.
  • We believe that personal improvement courses are inseperable parts of this process, so that we provide this course for every person who took role during this process, regarding their specific needs.
  • In today’s world where speed and evolving turns out to be inevitable; we make sure that gaining our customers advantage in competence and assisting for brand loyalty, as well as helping to form a company where employees work with high loyalty and motivation.