We help positioning global brands in Turkey and in global market network, which aim to become the best and most successful on their branch; in course of demands and needs of the particular industry.



Briefly described; entrepreneur is the person who invests on a business with taking risks, with the purpose of income. Entrepreneur provides added value on economic structure with the investment s/he made, and provides employment. Most basic quality of an entrepreneur is the ability to take risks. S/he is perceptive, aware of what goes on in her/his perimeter AND in the whole world, able to see the opportunities. And s/he is always open to innovation and brand new ideas, too. Entrepreneurs have also such qualities as being hardworking, determined, target oriented, bold and not giving up quickly. It is possible to answer the question “Could anyone be an entrepreneur?” with “no.” Some cannot create ideas, yet they put their effort on the initiatives. Turkey offers amazing opportunities for entrepreneurs, because of the young population, strategic geolocation and possessing an increasing economical structure.


What do the consumers demand? What do they need?
Mankind is always in demand of something, yet not always aware of their real needs. S/he may want to fly from Istanbul to Ankara, despite it is deed possible to go by personal automobile, train, or interprovincial buses. In fact the basic need here is transportation between these two cities. In a similar manner, drinking club soda every time getting thirsty is a demand but our actual need is water, biologically considered. It is the accomplishment of marketing managers in many markets, closing the gap between the consuming rates of fizzy drinks and water. “To have fun, to enjoy more with friends, to share the happiness in family reunions Coca-Cola is the best to drink.”; these are the messages given to us subliminally. That is the reason that for many people, Coca-Cola is best for merry moments for much of the people. Everyone wants to be happy. Have you ever seen any message suggesting Coca-Cola being served in funeral ceremonies in this brand’s advertisement films?

It is of much importance to determine the demands and the needs in marketing industry.



Swot analysis is done with the purpose of determining the situation we are currently in in competent platforms, and develop strategies for this situation. Strengths and weaknesses are inner factors which we have control over, whilst opportunities and threath are outer factors and we have limited control over them. Each new competent in the market, economic and political situations might be threat components that coming in mind as first. And, sometimes threats can turn into opportunities. It is always important to strengthen the weaker parts. Swot anaylsis is needed due to compete stronger. And the first must is to know the competitors to make a Swot analysis while the person or company has to have high awareness in order to make a Swot analysis, as well.