In recent years, spiritual and personal development books have been forming the bestseller list of publishers. We have become unable to find literary works on the shelves of bookstores. Even young people who are not old enough to experience the teachings he/she taught in his/her book appeared with the identity of a writer. Topics such as inner journey, self-knowledge, and using energy correctly created the titles that were in demand. Then began the pandemic period of time, which influenced the whole world and where humanity passed a vital test. People who were reading books, going to various courses and looking [...]
Obagi products are Health Ministry approved, doctor recommendated products, thus they are to be used in a certain dosage and frequency. For these reasons, they are not suitable to be sold online. These products are prescriptive and only provided from clinic after medical examination. Just like in prescriptive drugs, doctors determine the dosage and frequency of usage due to the skin’s needs. It is therefore, these products cannot be used following commands like “pour tiny and round“. Each and every product’s dosage is determined by amount or drop number with dropper. For example, if the dosage is said as 3 [...]
STRENGTHS WEAKNESSES OPPORTUNITIES THREATS SWOT analysis is done in order to determine the current situation in competitive environment and build strategies accordingly. Strength and weakness matters are inner factors, under our control, whileas opportunities and threats are outer factors, on which our control is rather limited. Entering each new competitor in market, current economic and political structure of country may be counted as some of these threats, coming in mind at first. Yet, sometimes a situation can surprisingly turn into opportunity while it was glimpsed as a threat at first. It is always essential to STRENGTHEN the WEAK parts. SWOT [...]
The only truth in life, -one that we can never alter- absolute separation, or simply the death itself. We live as if it is not coming for us; always postponing stuff, or thinking not that much, spending our lifetime day by day. We pass on the obituaries in newspapers, have no feelings when we hear someone losing a fellow, so we just say “my condolences” and move on just after that. Then someone that we are close with passes away; only then we get shocked, sorrowful, but mostly shaken by the absolute separation being closer to us, afraid. We are [...]
What does a client wish for? What are her/his needs? Man wishes for stuff but may not be aware of what they really need. Although it is possible to take the way by car, train or bus from Istanbul to Ankara, s/he wishes to fly. In fact, the basic need here is transportation between this two cities. In a similar manner, when we get thirsty, drinking fizzy drinks is a “wish” whereas biologically what we really “need” is water. It is the success of marketing managers that in many markets of today, consumption rate of fizzy drinks getting closer to [...]
For days now, warning messages are afloat claiming that “old” people should not go out in the streets, that coronavirus targets the elderly. These messages are in excessive amount, so that,”aimed” elderlies are forced to face the death phenomenon sooner than they were expecting. Process of rapidly espousing death, the only truth mankind is not able to alter, has now started. These people are in a manner of nonchalance like “I will die one way or another, so may the last days be the best, off I go!”, and beside all of these, accepting death and giving up on all [...]
Think about it, the world rapidly turned into some sort of a little village; especially since the internet is in all our lives, didn’t it? We can order anything from a state in China we have never heard before, with just a single click of mouse, -while simply sitting in our home in Turkey- a place that we do not even know where it is located on map. We windowshop in New York again with just one click, so the list goes on… We are able to obtain offers for something we are planning to buy; from 5 different countries, [...]
In brief, an entrepreneur is defined as a person who invests in an occupation with taking risks, for profit purposes. Entrepreneur, provides added value to economic structure by the investment he made, and provides employment. Ability to take risks is the most basic feature of an entrepreneur. S/He is the one whose perception is wide, aware of his environment’s and world’s current issues, able to see the opportunities. S/He is also always open for the innovations and brand new ideas. Entrepreneurs should be hardworking, determined, target-oriented, bold and refuse to give up early. If someone asks “Could everyone can be [...]
We should admit that changing is inevitable, when we face changes for the first time in our lives, those we are not familiar with, as first. Resisting the change or completely resigning on it has no help. If it is going to happen, it will; but it is important how we manage this process of change. We know that emotionally resilient people get over this process much easier than the others. When we look for these people’s common characteristics, we will see that they have strong communication skills and possess a high level of self-awareness. First step of increasing emotional [...]
One of our wisdom thinks, while the other feels. The one feels is named as emotional intelligence. If our feeling wisdom is in dominance; in other words, if our emotional intelligence is higher, then so will be our awareness as well. It is easier for people with high emotional intelligence to fight with problems like depression, anxiety disorder, etc. And, it is scientifically proven that these people possess a stronger immune system. Each emotion has a physical effect of its own; thrill makes our heartbeat rate increase and our palms sweat. Similar physical effects occur in case of fear, as [...]